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The kingdom of animals is populated by thousands of different creatures, each with a purpose and a place in nature’s backdrop – We do provide dog Training, Hostel, Grooming, Clinical, Consultancy and dog products also.

All Puppies Breeds Available

(Show Quality Certified Puppies - With 7 Day Exchange Policy*)

Lodging / Day Care

Where your pets can relax and enjoy to keep them stress free..


We provide Dog and Cat Grooming professional services.


We have specially designed breeding programs for Pets.

Home Obedience

Pack leadership is something that the owner learns through training.

Advanced Obedience

During this period, will determine whether he comes when called or not.

Tracking/sniffing training

Training is also imparted depending on the final objective of the cause.

ChandigarhKennel Introducing a new concept “Puppies for Rent” Services in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula)Dog lovers can now rent a pet for their kids, for home, office and help reduce stress etc. We have all types of breeds for rent. The wonderful world of puppy rental can provide you with the puppy love you crave, without any of the long-term commitment. The concept behind puppy rental is simple. You pay to have your presence graced by a fuzzy puppy for a specified amount of time, no strings attached, and no potty training needed. The concept is aimed at relieving people of their work-life stress.

For more details rent cost / timing / breeds, Please call us

Dog's Breeds (Available)

(Show Quality Certified Puppies - With 7 Day Exchange Policy*)

We do provide Dog Training, Hostel & Grooming Services, puppies for rent also available

Toy Poodle

Intelligent and Affectionate

Shih Tzu

Playful and Friendly


Energetic and Free-Spirited

Dogo Argentino

Strong body and gentle

Belgian Shepherd

Sharp Skills


Intelligent and raceful

Pugs Dog

Energetic, loyal

English Bulldog Puppy

Most popular dog

Rottweiler Dog

Wide, massive head

German Shepherd

Highly Trainable & Protective


Curious and Sociable


Elegant and Devoted